Indian Women's Association

West Lafayette/Lafayette, IN

The Indian Women’s Association (IWA) is a local Non-Profit Organization. One of its stated mission is working with women and children to build a better tomorrow. And it has, as of this year, incorporated recycling as one of its first principles.

Which is why, we are really excited to collaborate with Cumberland Elementary School and announce a unique Art Competition where the art piece (2D or 3D) needs to be created primarily out of Recycled Material. For any piece to be considered for this competition the piece needs to be made of at least 75% recycled material.

We are expecting this would be a class project where each class would work together to create the art piece. The competition is open to all grades at Cumberland Elementary and would be against classes of the same grade.

Each winning class would win prizes for their class as well as for themselves and of course a Popcorn Party!!! But the best part would be that while creating these pieces the children would be having conversations about Recycling, Reducing and Reusing. And learning through a fun project that each of them could make a difference!

The resulting art will be auctioned and the proceeds benefit both the school as well as IWA.

We hope you and your class will participate in this competition and create treasure out of trash! The last date to submit the art piece will be May 1, 2015.

Since this is the first year of this project please feel free to give us your comments and suggestions so that we can make it easier and more exciting for teachers and students to participate. For more information or to let us know that your class is participating write to Jenny Jundos: or to IWA:

Here’s to a future with more color and less carbon footprint!

Thanks in advance,

IWA Board